Total War: Warhammer 3 revealed – released this year

Updated. Kislev, Cathay, and Four Chaos Races join the fight!

Hordes of Chaos Hidden Attachments move, and the Eastern countries, led by Kislev and Cathay, prepare for another major battle. In the third and final part of Total wars Best seller War hammerThe map trilogy opens up beyond the Empire and the eastern mountain ranges.

The most diverse lineup of units, monsters and heroes we’ve seen so far

Creative Assembly promises (somewhat arrogantly) that Part Three will introduce the most diverse assortment of units, monsters, and heroes we’ve seen so far. The new campaign is based on the need for the player to “save or benefit from” the powers of the dying god, and each new faction must make a journey through the countries of chaos to reach the endgame that “will determine the fate of the world.”

There isn’t much to go there, but we at least know who will join the eternal undulating battles of the ancient Warhammer universe.

Kislev, also called the Kingdom of the Ice Queen, is a large region located northeast of the Prussian Empire of Karl Franz, bordering the northern expanses of chaos. The empire is influenced by ancient Prussia and surrounding areas. Ruled by czar or tsarist, they are mathematical expressions from many Slavic cultures that are as grim and cold as you imagine. In the arid plains of Kislev and snow-capped mountain views, they wage an eternal war against the hordes of Chaos. We can expect a lot from the cavalry because the inhabitants of Kislev are like food in the saddle.

“Kislev was a young faction since the first match.”

Kislev participated as a junior faction since the first match, but he will now receive the treatment the community deserves. It’ll be very interesting to see which troops you will be playing with – but the cavalry will likely be the bear and the arrogant Ice Queen from the trailer. We also hope that you will get a lot of Cossacks and knights with funny hats and crooked swords.

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According to Warhammer-lore, Eastern Cathy is based on Chinese mythology, culture, and popular beliefs. The Dragon Kingdom, as it is also called, is ruled by a Divine Emperor and his dynasty. The vast territories boast cities built of jade, giant snake-like dragons, and mysterious temples. Imagine a fictional land that looks really spiked like the one Marco Polo visited in the 13th century, and you’ll likely be very close to seeing the Games Workshop.

One interesting aspect is that until now Cathy has not existed as anything other than defining in Games Workshop’s huge library. Thus, it is an entirely new approach to allowing Creative Assembly to help include the kingdom as a faction of its own, and (suppose) the creation of new units for the Empire. If this is done for the ride a success Three kingdoms, Which sold well in China we leave unpaid. thats it Official instructions In addition to English, it is also available in both Simple Chinese and Fluent Traditional Chinese.

Games Workshop themselves released today a video in which they only talk about how Kislev and Cathay were styled Total War: Warhammer 3.

Like Kislev, Cathy constantly fights the hordes of chaos that move across the vast plains of the northern empire, roughly equivalent to Mongolia, eastern Russia and the surrounding region. Creative Assembly has chosen to include four chaos races in the Hammer 3, Which in turn pays tribute to the demon deities Khorn, Nurgul, Slanesh, and Zinc, and takes the names of their factions from these.

Lots of chatter around Hammer 3 It was about dwarves of chaos and ghoul kingdoms. These are not mentioned in the Creatve Society press release, but since the Ghoul Kingdoms are roughly between Kislev and Cathay, it would be strange if they did not appear. And the amounts of DLC that were pumped into the previous formulations, indicate that we may have to phase out sooner or later.

“The advertisement initially leaves many question marks.”

Hammer 3The ad is much anticipated, of course, but at first it leaves many unanswered questions. Aside from the definitely cool CGI trailer above, we weren’t given any regular screenshots of tactical or strategy maps. Also, we do not know of any wise achievements with the semi-historical title Three kingdoms It will be executed in War hammerSeries. It will also be interesting to see how the map was created to fit the two previous maps. Maps in Warhammer 1 game And the 2 Together they cover (really compressed of course) most of the Western Hemisphere. CA says that Warhammer 3 regions will be included in their Mortal Empires campaign as DLC. So we get the full map from all three games after the release.

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Moreover, the perpetual grief is related to the insufficient gameplay in blockades, the fight against AI, and the lack of deep diplomacy in War hammer Of course something will appear again. We look forward to diving into all of these aspects once we’ve got something playable in our hands.

Total War Warhammer 3 It will be released sometime in 2021, on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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