Three years after the loss: “You remember this loss”

Excitement Blue and Yellow victory over the United States in the 2016 Olympics It is the story of how Lisa Dalcvist became the champion of the match with her decisive goal from the penalty spot. At least from a Swedish perspective.

In the United States, the player would rather remember that he was drowning in the penalty kick. It’s been three years since Kristen Press shot the ball high over the bar, a mistake that paved the way for the Dalcvist decision and meant the United States was knocked out of the tournament. The country’s first tournament outing ever.

“I don’t allow things to affect me.”

When teams now meet at the World Cup, the 30-year-old striker is forced to look into the past. At the US press conference the day before the match, this is the missed penalty American journalists want to ask about.

The biggest lesson for me was to learn to deal with adversity. Today I feel that he strengthened me as a person. I am present in the present and never let things around me influence me. Mistakes happen, and today I know I can handle them, says Kristen Press

– I will prepare for the match against Sweden with the same intensity and intensity as I do in all matches. I will not let what happened in the past affect me.

He uses the loss as motivation

Press, who previously played in Sweden for Cobarbergs / Goteborg and Tereso, also admitted that the loss in the Olympics was a major setback for the US team.

– Even though three years have passed, you remember this loss. Nobody wants to lose. But today we are a new team and we see the Olympic loss as an incentive to play better.

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