This is where the Swedish March will take place – if that happens

Four of the eleven divisions are brand new in LC context: Eastern Lima, Western Lima in Dalarna and Sacrocarbergate and Kindsheon in North Varmland. Then we have Kristenfors, who’s been with us once before, but that was a long time ago now.

The idea is that it would be a safer approach to snow and that we were better prepared for the bad winter time. It’s new and old in a mix where we try to empower the public to go out in new ways, but also the old, common ways, says Glenn Olson, CEO of the Swedish Caucus.

Jonas Crosse loves the new extension of the rally.

It’d be a great start to the rally with two long and two long distances, and I like the number of new distances. It’s new and creates new crowd spaces and new turns for competitors to end up in the snow bank, he tells SVT Sport.

Attract a new audience

Many of the crowd favorites are kept, such as Vargåsen with Colin’s Crest and Torsby Sprint. But the hope is that the new roads can be freer for the public, those who have it.

– The Lima section will likely attract a new audience and be fun to more people.

For a rally to be financially sustainable, they must reach up to half of the audience’s personalities in previous years. But first, their infection control plan must be approved by the relevant authorities. In the clip above, Glenn Olson tells how it will go and when they know if the rally is ever to stop.

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In the WC calendar, 12 races will be held in 2021, with the Swedish rally going to be decided second.

Estonia and Croatia are new host countries and the calendar looks like this:

January 21-24, Monte Carlo, February 11-14, Sweden, April 22-25, Croatia, May 20-23, Portugal, June 3-6, Italy, June 24-27, Kenya, July 15-18, Estonia, July 29-August, August 1, Finland August 19-22 UK, September 9-12 Chile, October 14-17 Spain, November 11-14 Japan.

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