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This Is the Home of Good Food, Hilda Baci Says

“This Is the Home of Good Food,” Hilda Baci Says As She’s Given a Royal Welcome in Akwa-Ibom, Video Trends. Hilda Baci is still relishing her newfound fame after being blown away by the lavish welcome she received in her home state of Akwa Ibom.

Traditional Ibiye-Bom drummers, dancers, and artists were on hand at the airport to greet the celebrated chef with a royal welcome. Hilda is in Akwa-Ibom for the inauguration of the new government, headed by Eby Eno, as well as to receive recognition for her history.

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, a fast-rising celebrity, was recently greeted with a royal-style celebration as she made her first trip back to Akwa Ibom. The celebrity chef was in shock as drummers, dancers, and various other dignitaries greeted her at the airport.

Hilda performed a traditional dance routine that demonstrated her rightful status as an Akwa Ibom girl. The Cook-a-thon challenge survivor is reportedly in Akwa Ibom for the swearing-in of Dr. Eby Eno, the newly elected governor of the state.

The celebrity chef also admitted to being a voracious reader by sharing a small space where she likes to curl up with a book. Hilda also opened up about her love for music and admitted that her house is full of speakers. He went on to say how much he loves Scrabble.



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