This is how you know the movie you want to watch has disappeared from Netflix

Try to solder first. The portion of Netflix shows they produced themselves usually doesn’t disappear. They produced the movie or series and have the right to broadcast it, usually without a time limit. This means that you can wait to watch all seasons of “Stranger Things” until the next season begins.

But most of the titles in the Netflix collection are owned by other producers and movie companies. Netflix pays to watch it for a certain period of time. If all goes well and enough people watch, Netflix can then renew the license to show titles, if they think it’s a good idea to keep them.

But it’s not just about Netflix. When Disney announced in 2017 that it would start a streaming service for its titles in 2019, that meant it likely didn’t renew licenses for competing TV services. Why is Disneyflix, as the service is called in the US, dropping gold nuggets to competitors?

If Disney pulls out, the movies and series allowed for kids from Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm will also disappear.

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This is how you’ll know if the movies are going away

Several years ago, Netflix told me exactly when the titles would be removed. This creation, according to Protest stormed the US when they removed 2,000 addresses overnight.

So the company is now down and hoping that paying subscribers will be happy when new titles are added. However, there is one thing you can do:

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If you want to watch a soon-to-be-removed movie, you’ll be warned when you start watching, writes You will receive an SMS in a few seconds warning you that the address will disappear.

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You will receive a similar message if you downloaded an address to your mobile phone or tablet. The movie may be gone in 24 hours, which means you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do tonight. If you still want to see it. Downloading it does not help. If it’s gone, it can’t be played on your smartphone.

How to find information on Netflix

When you find a movie you want to watch, but you don’t have time right now, click “Info”.

Check on the far right. Under “Availability” shows the time the movie disappeared. In this case, August 14, 2018. Do not trust that you will have time to see it clearly during the last day.

It is easier to apply. Here you can directly see if the title is threatened with disappearance directly in the movie information.

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