This is how China and the United States will deal with the climate crisis

Much of the speech that followed the first diplomatic meeting between China and the United States since Joe Biden took office has been about the tense situation and how far the two countries stand on so many issues.

But on Sunday, a bit of lightning appears in the dark. According to the official Chinese News Agency (Xinhua), the parties agreed to form a working group to work together to combat global warming and prevent an all-out climate crisis.

The two parties are committed to improving communication and cooperation on climate issuesWrites in the news agency according to Reuters.

The information has not been officially commented yet in the United States, Reuters writes.

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The climate crisis has become a personal issue for President Joe Biden, who overnight reintroduces all references to climate crisis that can be read again at the nation’s environmental protection agency, the Environmental Protection Agency. Something former President Donald Trump removed in 2017.

But as China wants to show itself as a global force against climate change, the country’s emissions will increase. This is stated in China’s upcoming Five-Year Plan, previously published by Expressen.

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