This is how Bill Clinton’s life as the first man in the United States becomes (if Hillary wins the election)

Historically, the first lady of the United States abandoned her previous obligations when her husband took office as president. So Bill is unemployed, but don’t worry. He definitely won’t be climbing walls, because there are so many things that have to be the number 1 man of the United States.

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Bill Clinton

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With us now entering the ultimate final rush before the US presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton has a certain advantage over Republican Donald Trump. However, a lot could still happen, especially given that it appears to be a tug-of-war to the latter in some major wave situations.

Men. Suppose Hillary Clinton wins an election and becomes the first woman to ever hold the presidency of the United States. Just Bonera It will be so. Then the entire White House tradition is suspended until the first lady suddenly becomes the first man in the form of former President Bill Clinton.

So what information will Bill get at the White House? History can give us a hint.

She has Bill Clinton to be the first guy

It should be fixed with roses

As the hen’s loudest Office of the First Lady of the United States (Will the name change?) Bill will ultimately be in charge of the flower arrangement at the White House. It should look stylish both in the East Wing, where the Presidential family lives, and generally at the iconic address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Cakes should look good

But Bell won’t just overlook the floral arrangements, of course. No, it also gets the final word on what cakes, pastries, and pastries should look like while you manage it White House Executive Pastry Chef.

A box must be kept

When other leaders visit President Hillary around the world, her first man, Bill, will be the one who will receive the heads of state and be nice to them in a row.

It is hard to imagine that Bill Clinton would take on world leaders better than Michelle Obama.

The Vegetable Revolution

As the first man, Bill is also the top manager for White House Social Secretary Who organizes all dinners and social gatherings at the White House. This also includes the white house chef. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the world leaders will be offered vegetarian food when visiting the White House in the future. Bell hasn’t eaten any animal products at all since 2010.

At the Democrat convention this summer, Bill childishly became fond of all balloons.

The house must be decorated

Bill Clinton had free hands in the interior of the East Wing … expect a massive wardrobe for his shoes (size 47), an altar in memory of old Boris Yeltsin, and a maple door where he can sneak in one or two golf friends. And balloons. Balloons everywhere.


Bill opened a proposal for the design of the memorial site for former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Photo montage. Photo: AP / Youtube archives

The style must be set

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Historically speaking, the clothing of the first lady of the United States has been central and it is not uncommon to become something of a national fashion icon. So we’d expect Billie-Boys clothing to be visible on the seams. “Here comes the first American Bill Clinton in a dark blue Hickey Freeman suit and a tie to match the president’s light blue dress.” That we are looking forward to.

… and he will fill in these shoes:

During her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama has fixed all of the above, while remaining tirelessly committed to women’s rights issues and healthy eating and exercise habits for Americans. It remains to be seen what Bill chooses to engage in, but we hope, of course, that he will take revenge on Hillary for everything she did as a First Lady when she left in the 1990s.

Good luck, Billy Boy!

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