They are organizing a party for Internet accessibility – Plain Text

A new tool called DigiJag will make the internet easier to use.
For more people to get to know DigiJag, a special evening will be arranged next week.

One of those responsible Christine Gatto:

There are many people with intellectual disabilities who do not have access to this digital community that is clear to everyone.

Kerstin Gatu works at Mora Folk High School in Dalarna. She leads the course for Adapted-IT, where students with disabilities can learn to use computers and the Internet.

Collaborates with researchers

Along with researchers, students also developed this new DigiJag help, says Kerstin Gatu:
– DigiJag, it’s a learning environment you have on the phone, on the tablet or on the computer, which makes it easy for you to connect to the Internet or communicate with others. And we tried it in the course to adapt IT. And we know this works great, even if you have difficulty reading or need a little simpler software.

An evening of celebration on the Internet

For more people to receive information about DigiJag, a DigiJag party will be arranged on Tuesday evening. It is held as a video call over the Internet and the student I’m Serander Whoever suffers from Down syndrome has to be a kind of presenter:
– Yes, you can say that, Mir replies.

You are one of the students working with this DigiJag. What did you learn to do using DigiJag?
– Yes, you can learn the internet, and then you get some new methods that you can use (data) on the computer. For example Zoom is one of the things you can do and meet friends online and learn how to, for example, go to youtube with movies, clips and things like that.

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Both infotainment and entertainment

– In addition to a lot of information, we will also have fun at the party. Our concert orchestra will give us the opportunity to sing together and our health and movement teacher will perform some movement dances. Kerstin Gatu says it’s also important that this is important to health, so that you don’t sit for long and have the opportunity to post questions.

Many want to look at group housing

So the celebration is on Tuesday, but you can also watch afterwards. Since the ceremony is broadcast online, people from all over the country can participate, says Kerstin Gatto:
So my big hope is that in many group homes, in many families, you can run and watch the party.
But now only those who already have some way of calling can follow your party. How can someone who does not know this now, how does he know this?
– Then I wish they had someone close to them, relative, friend or employee who could lend a cell phone, tablet or computer because we are broadcasting on Facebook and on the web, so you don’t have to be part of Facebook. We’re really trying to make this possible for as many people as possible, ” says Kerstin Gatto.

– Yeah! Everyone could watch the same party, with all these friends. Listen to us! This is the best, here is DigiJag. Here you must listen to us. Nothing is impossible, student Mir Serander says to Claretext.

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