These are the outstanding players of the World Cup – the English man at the top

It’s time for the World Cup quarter-finals, but without Tre Kronor, who missed the qualifiers for the first time since 1986.

What did the group game look like and which players outperformed a bit? Hockey fans focused mainly on Great Britain and talent Liam Kirk who shocked everyone and won the World Cup shooting tournament, a goal more than the second Gregory Hoffman in Switzerland. In doing so, Kirk accounted for more than half of Britain’s 13 goals in the tournament.

However, it wasn’t enough to win the points league as a player from the SHL ended up at the top, namely Peter Celiarick who played last winter in Lieksand. The striker had ten points in seven matches, with which Canadian Conor Brown also succeeded. Liam Kirk has assists and thus Adam Henrique shares second place in Canada.

On the other hand, the best goalkeeper of the tournament is in the USA, where Cal Petersen conceded four goals in 99 shots. Thus, the Los Angeles Kings goalkeeper scored one goal per game, giving him a solid save percentage of 95.96%. Adam Redburn’s superb effort gave the new CSKA goalkeeper the third place in the goalkeepers’ statistics.

Most snow time among all players? Kazakhstan’s Darren Dietz has played all seven games and each game has averaged just over 26 minutes. At the top of these stats we also find SHL acquaintances such as Jesper Jensen Aabo and Jonas Holøs.

1. Petr Cehlarik, Slovakia – 7 matches, 10 points.
2. Conor Brown, Canada – 7 games, 10 points.
3. Liam Kirk – UK – 7 games, 9 points.

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Liam Kirk, UK – 7 matches, 7 goals.
2. Gregory Hoffmann, Switzerland – 7 matches, 6 goals.
3. Niklas Jensen, Denmark – 7 matches, 5 goals.

Point slopes:
Markus Lorissen, Denmark – 7 games, 7 points.
2. Henrik Tomerens, Tre Kronor – 7 games, 5 points.
3. Nils Lundqvist, Tre Kronor – 3 matches, 5 points.

Cal Petersen, USA – Played 4 games, 95.96 in savings percentage.
2. Harry Satry, Finland – Played 3 games, 95.92 in savings.
3. Adam Redburn, Trey Kronor – Played 5 games, 94.57 in savings percentage

Most Ice Ages:
Darren Dietz, Kazakhstan – Played 7 matches at a rate of 26:16 per game.
2. Jesper Jensen Abo, Denmark – Played 7 matches at a rate of 25:34 per match.
3. Jonas Holos, Norway – 7 matches played, 24:58 per match.

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