There is no solution to screen issues with the MacBook Pro M1

In mid-December last year, Kamera & Bild was the first to rewrite Color problems and color managementAlong with using an external display, and Apple’s new Mac computers with the M1 chip. Computers with the new “Apple Silicon” integrated chip solution have been praised, among other things, for their energy efficiency and performance.

However, problems with using external displays on MacBook Pro models with the M1 processor have not yet been resolved. Many thought a fix was soon when Apple released an update to macOS Big Sur, version 11.2 a week ago, but now users all over the world are announcing that the problems have worsened, and that the beta version of macOS 11.3 doesn’t include a fix either. There is currently no information from Apple when the issue will be resolved.

The problems mean that computers can only transmit YUV, which is a video signal that contains luminance and colouration (YPbPr) instead of the more common RGB signal. This means that monitors cannot be calibrated properly, unless you have a YUV-compatible monitor – but then other problems like scopes can occur. As we explained in our first article About the problem.

Recent reports about the Big Sur 11.2 update also show that external screens have stopped working at 4K / 60Hz and instead have been locked at 4K / 30Hz or detected as 1080p screens by a computer. Some users’ problems also mean that screens connected to USB-C were never detected.

Manufacturers are also having trouble converting their calibration software to be compatible with Apple’s M1 chip, making it nearly impossible for professional photographers to calibrate their external monitors.

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Screen maker EIZO announced that its Color Navigator software is not yet compatible with the Apple M1 and Big Sur. The same applies to X-Rite i1Profiler, i1Studio, ColorChecker Camera Calibration, and DNG ProfileManager. XRite announced that it will try to find a solution to the problem in the first quarter of 2021. BenQ only announces that its software does not support the Apple M1.

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Apple also has it He received huge criticism from the photographers for not mentioning this clearly enough The latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Apple’s new M1 chip, the “Apple Silicon”, It supports only one external screen connection in number. For example, several older MacBook Pros are also mentioned, which can easily have two external displays, including the built-in active display – something many photographers use when editing photos.

Read more about why you wait so long for an OS update in the article Comment: So, wait for the update to Big Sur.

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