Then season 2 of the Netflix song “Lupine” will be released – watch the trailer here

The elegant French thief is already back this summer.

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The first part of the French mystery detective story on Netflix Lupine The series began in 2021 and was described by Café as the first really good series of the year. Success was a fact and Lupine has long been at the top of Netflix’s most-streamed series in both Sweden and the rest of the world.

Indeed, this summer comes the next part of the story of the cunning thief Asani Diop, and like the first part of the series, all episodes will be released at once. In Season Two, the viewer will have to dive deeper into Diop’s hunt for revenge on the family who mistook his father there and killed him. The hunt presents Diop with serious new challenges that he must solve in his Sherlock Holmes-like fashion.

Lupine It is based on Maurice LeBlanc’s old books on the noble thief Arsene Lupine, but adapts cleverly to the present as the main character Asani Diop (played by An unexpected friendship-man Omar Sy) imitates the style and approach of the altruistic thief in Paris beautifully illustrated.

If you can, we recommend watching the series in the original language. The French are too beautiful to be called clumsy English.

Check out our second season trailer of Lupine Here:

Season 2 of “Lupine” will be released on Netflix this summer.

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