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Remote work is the new normal, and while we’ll see some return to the office when the pandemic is over, mobile work has come to a halt. This means companies need to review their security when it comes to employees’ computers and printers, as connected devices increase the risk of cyberattacks.

The workplace of the future means that many will have the opportunity to do their work remotely, to have their workplace in the most suitable place for today. This means that those dealing with cyber threats have opened their eyes to the companies’ weak link when it comes to security, i.e. the computers and printers connected to the employees.

Commuting and working outside the office creates new opportunities for employees, but it also makes companies more vulnerable. According to a survey we just ran at HP, cyberattacks on employees working from home increased by 238 percent. To protect business-critical information for companies, we’re now launching HP Wolf Security, a complete line of PCs and printers with essential security protection that starts with hardware and continues with Endpoint Security software and services, says Jenny Gustafsson, Product Manager HP Sweden.

With more than 350,000 new types of viruses emerging every day, protecting connected computers and printers is something businesses really need to address right now.

Companies are good at protecting their systems, but not always their employee units. We’ve always been a leader in computer and printer security, and now we combine our security solutions to meet our customers’ growing need for comprehensive, resilient defense against cyberthreats, says Jenny Gustafson.

Under HP Wolf Security, HP brings together hardware, software as well as services designed for businesses of all sizes.

Our solutions protect users in their daily lives, and we have the same security thinking about both computers and printers. With our computers, the small business gets good protection, the security functions are already pre-installed in the devices, making it easy to get started. We call this solution HP Wolf Security Edition. For larger companies, we can offer complete Endpoint Security solutions that mitigate IT departments, says Jenny Gustafson.

With innovative hardware technology and HP software solutions and services, hardware can, among other things, ensure that the firmware itself is fixed, that attacks take place in memory and that isolation is done by threats via virtualization to cloud-based intelligence.

The complete solution we’ve put together within the HP Wolf Security framework enables remote recovery, improves data collection from threats and delivers high-quality alerts so our customers can act faster in the event of a cyber attack, says Jenny Gustafson.

Many HP printers are also built into the Wolf Security platform, which means employees can have secure printers, regardless of whether they’re working from the office or at home. Printers that can be monitored and repaired automatically in the event of a security attack.

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