The works of art rediscovered by Andy Warhol have found their home

The Museum of Liquor and Absolut Art Collection have recovered the lost twin work of Absolut Warhol Blue.

The painting was ordered in 1985 as one of two works when Vin & Sprit AB through Absolut Vodka created what had become one of the world’s most popular marketing campaigns in the modern era. During the years 1985-2004, 550 artists around the world were hired to create works of art using the signature bottle of vodka as a starting point.

Andy Warhol was the first artist to be hired to create the “Absolute Warhol” artwork, which quickly became successful in the advertising campaign for the state-owned company in the United States.

Vin & Sprit AB requested two paintings by Andy Warhol but only one was selected for display. The other artwork fell into limbo and when the state donated the art collection to the Spritmuseum in 2008 in connection with the sale of Vin & Sprit AB, the work was not included in the delivery.

When it suddenly appeared after 35 years before the auction sale, questions arose about the ownership, resulting in the cancellation of the assignment of the sale.

The Spirit Museum, which then suspected it was a missing artwork, started and conducted an extensive investigation. as it turned out ; The twin is found.

– Spirit Museum was able to prove that the artwork was exactly the painting that was ordered in 1985 but did not follow later in delivery to the museum. We are incredibly happy and grateful to be able to reunite the Absolute Warhol twin works with the collection, says Ingrid Leffler, the museum’s director.

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– It feels great that this central artwork for us is back home and we are currently reviewing the opportunity to showcase “Absolut Warhol Blue” to the public as soon as possible, says Mia Sundberg, curator and in charge of the art collection.

Ingrid Leffler, director of the museum

Mia Sundberg, Curator

About Absolute Art Group

The Absolut Art Collection in Spritmuseum contains over 850 works by 550 artists from 1985-2004. The group is colorful, multi-tracked, and started – sometimes naive. Famous and internationally recognized artists are located side by side with little-known artists who have worked at the local level. The collection transcends art trends and themes – and through all the divided domains of the art world. It houses paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, furniture, costumes, and arts and crafts. All works served as the basis for Absolut Vodka’s global advertising and promotional campaigns.

More about the Absolut Art Collection:

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