The USA is the world champion – but Finland managed to celebrate the gold medal

The US fully dominated the first half, but didn’t get the disc until the 35th minute.

Annie Pankowski came from the right wing and shot in front.

Just three minutes later, Finland equalized when Nieminen played well against Susanna Tapani.

At times, the United States seemed to be playing outnumbered, even though it was five against five. But Nora Ratti on goal played well and the United States did not get a disc.

With extension, Venla Hovi was fired and then Hillary Knight got a disc in the post in powerplay.

Finland then got the puck in the net and less than ten minutes later the referees refused to intervene. Rear star Jenny Herikoski went off the field and crossed the goalkeeper the ball ended up with Lulia Petra Nieminen scoring the goal, but Hyrikowski’s collision with the goalkeeper was so difficult that he was not approved.

Meanwhile, US goalkeeper Alex Riggsby was sent off for a stumble set off by Alex Carpenter.

Then the match went to penalties, and there the United States won. The crowd cheered after the penalty shootout and if Finland won, it would be the first country outside North America to win the World Cup or the Women’s Olympic Games.

According to Yle Finnish, Finland subsequently lodged a protest over the indicted case.

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