The unofficial Playstation 5 side panels are available to order again

The Plate 5 station is now called CMP Shells and will begin delivery in February.

There was so much drama surrounding the unofficial Playstation 5 sideboards that the ingeniously called Platestation5 wanted to start selling at the end of last year. Sony Dislike Their actions, and despite changing their name, Sony claimed that they had patents on the side panels and that third parties were not allowed to sell them.

But for some time now, the company has changed its name again, this time to CMP shells, And receives advance reservations for several different side panels. Now they also added more colors, including stylish navy blue and fiery red – with or without the vinyl decals attached to the console itself.

However, they say they want these shells to be “very exclusive” and thus only 1,000 pieces will be produced in this tour. All orders must be shipped out before the end of February, but that doesn’t appear to include vinyl parts. For two side panels, you will have to pay the equivalent of about 315 SEK, but then that doesn’t include any vinyl stickers or delivery costs.

It remains to be seen if Sony has any wands to put into the steering wheel Here We can at least watch a video demo of the panels.

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