The United States will likely not land humans on the moon in 2024. The NASA chief states that Artemis’ schedule is no longer valid.

Steve Jurczyk, Acting Head of NASA, said yesterday that he does not believe the United States will have time to land a man and a woman on the moon in 2024. To Ars Technica, Jurczyk says regarding the American moon landing program Artemis:

“The moon landing target for 2024 may not be a realistic goal due to the funds that have been earmarked over the past two years, which have not provided enough funding to make 2024 achievable. In light of this, we are reviewing the program to find the most efficient path going forward.”

Even when the Trump administration introduced the Artemis program in 2019, many considered it too narrow, something that has now been confirmed after Trump leaves the presidency. However, the administration under incumbent US President Joe Biden previously stated that it supported the Artemis program as a whole and plans to continue the program.

Jurczyk says NASA will work with the current administration to find a way forward for the program. When we can see a new timeline for the next landing of humans on the surface of the moon, there is no information at the moment.

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