The United States imposes Navalny sanctions on Russia

The US government led by Joe Biden is facing sanctions against Russian politicians and companies, on the grounds that opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been poisoned and imprisoned.

In September last year he was the leader of the Russian opposition and anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny He was poisoned with novitjok neurotoxin, which had developed in the USSR.

He was flown to Germany to receive medical care, and There, too, it was confirmed It had been poisoned. Advisor Angela Merkel It was found that Navalny was the victim of an assassination attempt.

Navalny is accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin To be behind the attack.

When Navalny recovered, he returned to Moscow, where he was immediately imprisoned. Since then, Russia has been condemned by the outside world and has staged large demonstrations in the country demanding it Alexey Navalny For release.

Senior government officials did not immediately mention which Russian politicians were involved. As far as the companies are concerned, most of them are said to be involved in the production of biological and chemical weapons such as neurotoxins.

Today’s sanctions represent the first step in the Biden government’s response to a number of “destabilizing measures” by Russia, according to Reuters.

In the past, the European Union has also imposed sanctions on Russia in the Alexei Navalny case.

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