The United States defeated Russia in a furious match

When two of the world’s most powerful nations faced each other, two teams contracted their muscles. It was troublesome from the start. But it took until the second half of the match before the goals could start appearing.

Arthur Kaliayev and Nicholas Robertson each scored a goal for the USA by just six seconds.

Russia, who crushed Canada yesterday with numbers 6-0, was struggling to reach the attacking match and the longer the match, the more mysterious it became on the field. At the end of the second period, it was so hot that the Russian Nikita Ratshev made a bald attempt against the Swedish cousin Oliver Wahlstrom.

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Angry summit between the United States and Russia

Arthur Kaliayev later managed to score 3-0, which became the nail in the coffin, although Russia shrank and continued on steam for another goal without any profits.

The United States is tightening its grip on the group’s victory and opening up to neighboring Canada, which now has a chance to hang on to the summit. The fourth in the group is set against one in the other group, which is currently Sweden.

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