The United States defeated Germany in the bronze match

In Riga, Latvia, the United States crushed Germany in the Bronze Medal Battle. 6-1 The Americans won their fifth bronze during this millennium, mostly from all nations with Sweden.

– Fair result, Germany can’t mobilize and stand up, they had their chances of playing on power, but USA are very good at playing on the box. SVT sports expert Jonas Anderson says Germany can never be threatened.

The opening goal came five minutes into the first half. Christian Wallanen prepared a counter-attack, and Felix Brockmann – who did not score for Germany in the semi-finals – fouled into the penalty area and arranged the lead single-handedly. Los Angeles Kings Hill’s first goal in the World Cup.

– I was completely shocked. (Matthias) Niederberger was actually in the majority of the matches. I don’t think he (Brückmann) came in very stable, and it’s very difficult to jump into a bronze match. Because you know you’re not the number one goalkeeper a coach counts on, and suddenly you have to get into a big game and deliver, says SVT sports expert Kim Martin Hsun.

‘Too much neglect’

Leading 1-0 at the break, during which time Marcel Knoebbels was critical of his national team.

We didn’t play well, neglected a lot and made a lot of mistakes. “During the break, we didn’t ski enough,” says the German.

After that, the defect became worse and greater for Germany. In six minutes, the United States scored four goals, and Conor Garland scored a goal and assisted two of them. The 4-0 goal, passed by the Arizona striker, was a powerful shot from Dallas Stars’ Jason Robertson.

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“You should get out of them”

Uses full club flexion and pushes the ball up the crossbar. A great shot, says SVT expert, Mikael Rinberg.

The United States got 5-0 after two periods, failing to capitalize on their five-minute numerical advantage after Sasha Chmelevsky received a penalty in the match for a key tackle against defender Fabio Wagner.

– Germany is not really enough. They are mentally and physically tired. When the second and third came, he should get out of them, says Kim Martin Hsun.

The last period can be omitted, because there was only a long wait for the final signal. Germany did not have to leave the bronze match without goals thanks to Dominic Bittner, and after less than 30 seconds Ryan Donato scored the final score 6-1.

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