The United States barely recycled last year

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that it Easy to hate Plastic recycling in the United StatesEven for the most conscious consumers.

Not because we don’t think there should be a circular economy that will redirect plastics away from landfills. That’s because the recycling system in the United States is broken and complex. According to a new analysis, we’re recycling less than we’ve ever had before.

Since the 1970s, oil companies a favour Recycling wasn’t a real solution to reducing plastic lose. But they have vigorously promoted the message that individual choices for recycling matter, because increased demand for plastic means more profits for the oil major. companies Still pushing the lie that recycling can solve plastic crisis (Bill Nye So it helps), and us oceans continue to fill in with garbage.

right Now there More evidence Our recycling system is ineffective. this week, Beyond Plastics, a national project at Bennington College working to eliminate plastic pollution, The environmental non-profit organization Last Beach Cleanup reported that the United States Already the recycling rate is insignificant decreased in the past few years. According to their analysis, hardly anything Plastic waste was recycled last year.

Organizations collected data from National Academy of Scienceswhich found that only about 6% of plastics were recycled in 2021. This is less than 8.7% reported by the Environmental Protection Agency Back in 2018. This low rate is not only a result of consumers being lazy: ewhere when? we Put all our items in the appropriate boxesmore than 80% of this plastic will go to Garbage , While about 11% will do found the report.

“Consumers are understandably confused,” said Judith Ink, president of Beyond Plastics, in an interview with Earther. “that they See the recycling logo, so they put the plastic packaging in their recycling bin. More than 90% of plastics are never recycled.”

plastic Notorious for its hard to recycle in the United States, Although it is literally everywhere. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, As of 2018, the average American used Over 200 pounds of plastic year. Beyond Plastic’s report says. Some of these items are already Recyclable (albeit less than we think): PET plastic bottles, labeled #1 in the ring stock symbol, Enck said, It is one of the few elements that Already recycled. But many other plastics They don’t end up in a circular economy, No matter how well they are sorted and disposed of.

Jan Del, founder of Last Beach Cleanup, He told the Guardian newspaper That the state doesn’t really have the facilities to process our plastic waste. We used to outsource our plastics to other countries, But that changed after China banned US imports of plastic in 2017. We were never prepared to deal with the scale of our plastic waste. We don’t have factories to do that. It’s also water-intensive, so we won’t be building more plastic recycling facilities in the US.s.She said.

According to Enck, there is no one-size-fits-all.All solutions, but the policies that carry Major plastic producers are responsible It will go a long way, as well as the prohibition of single use plastic. Fortunately, some places They actually make good moves: In 2021, Min . passed away obligatory law comp for Recycle their waste Instead of passing this duty to the consumer.

“We need new laws on the books that reduce the amount of plastic packaging,” Enk said. “Becauuse tThese companies won’t cut enough on their own, Consumers are left with little choice.”

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