The UN demands – you want to prove Princess Latifa is alive

Princess Latifa is the daughter of Dubai Prince Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, one of the world’s richest men. In a number of videos, she accused her father of holding her hostage after she tried to flee the UAE.

Many world leaders demanded evidence that Princess Latifa was in good health, and on Friday the United Nations Human Rights Council joined the crowd.

The Royal Family: “It keeps getting better”

At the request of the United Nations, the Dubai royal family issued a statement about the princess writing that she was “being taken care of at home,” according to the BBC.

“It continues to improve and we hope it will return to public life in time,” the royal family wrote.

The statement was issued by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London. He asserts that the princess is being cared for at home, where she receives “support from her family and medical expertise.”

“In response to the media coverage of Sheikha Latifa, we would like to thank those who have expressed their concern for her safety, despite the reports that do not certainly reflect the facts,” the statement said.

The princess fled from Dubai to Britain

However, the evidence the UN requested that the princess was still alive shone through her absence in the royal family’s statement.

No videos or photos attached.

In February 2018 Princess Latifa fled Dubai to the United Kingdom. But after only eight days, she was returned to Dubai, where she was under house arrest.

On Tuesday, the BBC managed to publish videos recorded by the princess from house arrest. In the films, the princess describes how soldiers drugged her and forced her to return to Dubai and that her father was holding her hostage.

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She also says that when she returned to Dubai, she was held alone and locked in a villa guarded by the police.

Latifa: Either dead or in a very bad condition. This video is from February 2019.
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