The UK may soon allow some autonomous driving on the highway

Already this year, the UK could allow drivers to drop the steering wheel on the highway, in certain situations. It will be a requirement that the ALKS file management system be activated.

The UK Department of Transport has announced that automated lane keeping systems, ALKS, may soon become legal on the highway. BBC News says. In this case, it would be a historic decision. The UK has never before allowed driving as a human driver does not have to put their hands on the wheel on the highway. Thus it may also be the first country in the world to allow this.

The decision means that the human driver does not have to follow the road while the system is in operation. However, he must be vigilant and ready to take control of the vehicle within 10 seconds of the system that demands it. If not, the vehicle will illuminate the warning lights, slow down and stop.

This is Level 3 automatic driving, according to SAE. The systems on the roads today are generally at Tier 2.

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However, ALKS technology has certain limitations. When everything is working properly, the system can check the vehicle’s position and speed within the lane. British state They want to allow the system on the highway and at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

According to the British state, vehicles equipped with ALKS technology can be called autonomous, as long as they have obtained special British approval and there is no indication that the cars can actually drive on their own.

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Insurance companies criticize the definition. They believe naming the ALKS with an automatic or self-driving system could confuse British drivers and make them believe that the cars are self-driving. This could lead, among other things, to accidents, but also to a backlash for self-driving vehicles.

More about ALKS

The automatic lane-keeping system, ALKS, uses sensors and software to ensure the vehicle remains in lane. The system also allows the car to accelerate and brake without human driver intervention.

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