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The workplace of the future will likely be a mixture of office and remote work. Therefore, it is now important for companies to ensure that employees’ computers are optimized for remote work, to ensure productivity.

– It was really a positive effect of a very difficult situation that over the past year companies have noticed that they have been successful in remote working for employees. We are convinced that the workplace of the future will be some form of hybrid environment, where we will see you work in the office and at a distance, eg at home, says Niklas Oldmark, Product Manager at HP Sweden.

In addition to companies seeing that it is possible to run their businesses on a large scale remotely, there are more advantages. For example, employees avoid long commute trips to work, certain tasks are better performed in a calm environment and it becomes easier to assemble the puzzle of life with less stress as a result.

What’s important is for companies to ensure that employees’ computers are truly optimized for remote work, something many of whom may not have had time during the pandemic itself. With our hardware in the HP EliteBook series, you can get PCs that are truly optimized for high productivity, says Niklas Oldmark.

The HP EliteBook Series computers feature high performance, powerful processors, and batteries come with a three-year warranty. The long battery life means the job can be done for a full day even when no electricity is available. Since remote workstations are usually not only adapted for work, such as an office space, it is also possible to opt for stronger on-board brightness. So that it can be used even in bright sunlight, just like a mobile phone.

HP EliteBook Series PCs also have advanced built-in conferencing tools, with speakers and microphones strategically placed to create a great audio picture for anyone attending the video conference. We also have built-in noise reduction software that reduces interfering background noise, and audio technology we developed with Bang & Olufsen, says Niklas Olufsen.

You can choose from six different form factors in the EliteBook series, from 13.3-inch to 15.6-inch PCs. Security is built in so your employees can safely surf the Internet when connected to external networks, PCs come with HP Sure View, a built-in privacy filter that protects your screen from prying eyes, a shutter, and the camera has a built-in shutter that allows it to be covered at the touch of a button. On some models, the screen can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the computer acts as a tablet.

– To ensure a long service life, HP EliteBooks have a high level of serviceability and are easy to upgrade, eg if more capacity is needed. And if any of your employees have a rocking connection at home, it’s easy to connect to a 4G unit afterward. Niklas Oldmark concludes that the computers in the EliteBook series are truly our most advanced laptop desktops and can be configured in many different ways.

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