The U.S. Civil Aviation Administration puts the sticks in the wheel of SpaceX’s tables. We hope, however, that Starship SN9 will launch today

Last week, it was believed that SpaceX would test the prototype of the Starship SN9 in a high-altitude test, but this has been delayed several times until it is finally eliminated at all. Now comes the information that the US Civil Aviation Administration believes SpaceX violated one of its regulations when the high-altitude prototype SN8 was tested on December 10, a test that ended with the prototype exploding on its landing.

Exactly how SpaceX was said to have violated FAA regulations, there is no information on it, but it does not appear that SpaceX received permission to launch SN9 last week. Elon Musk is happy with the FAA message and writes on Twitter:

“Unlike the Aircraft Division, which is a good thing, the Federal Aviation Administration’s space division has a fundamentally disrupted organizational structure. Their bases are for a few consumable launches annually from a few government installations. Under these rules, humanity will never reach Mars. “

However, it looks like SpaceX will soon have SN9 in the air. writes that all of this could happen today if things go according to plan. SpaceX plans to send SN9 to an altitude of 10 kilometers and then land the spacecraft on the runway again. During the SN8 test, which ended in an explosion, the Starship prototype reached an altitude of 12.5 kilometers.

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