The Trygve Slagsvold Vedum center party takes Norway hard

At the end of 2020, less than a year before the Norwegian Parliament elections, the Norwegian Center Party had gained greater voter support from the Social Democratic Labor Party for the first time so far, according to VG poll. About 20 percent of voters will vote for the party, compared to between 5 and 6 percent in 2014 when Trigev Slacksfold Vedom took the leadership position.

The party received similar numbers in NRK SurveyBut there the Labor Party was still somewhat larger.

The characteristic laugh of the leader of the center became his hallmark. Much of the party’s recent success is attributed to Trygve Slagsvold Vedum’s cute looks and gameplay.

Available on social media Several clips of Fedom jokes with colleagues and reporters. In the fall, the party leader was among other things on the NRK Maskorama show, dressed as a scarecrow with colorful flowers and butterflies attached to the suit.

Owns It is observed in the fall Even when the Swedish and Danish Wikipedia page was updated about him with incorrect information that he walks in the Norwegian band Keiino. The joke hints that Trygve Slagsvold Vedum will be like band member Fred-René Øvergård Buljo and the party leader greeted him with laughter.

Trygve Slagsvold Vedum himself said that there is a lot of focus on his person, among other things TV 2. But his party does not seem to agree. For the election campaign, the Wasat Party made shirts and pins and rubbed tattoos with its smiling face.

The Center Party’s insanity for its leader stands in stark contrast to the Labor Party, which is rather in a leadership crisis.

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20 percent of those Norwegian voters say they are more likely to vote for the Labor Party if Jonas Jar Stor leaves the position as party leader, according to a poll of Bezels and Tv 2 In January. Only 10 percent said his resignation would make them less likely to vote for the party.

Several recent right-wing politicians took advantage of the dissatisfaction with Jonas Gahr Store and clearly stated that they lacked his actor, Jens Stoltenberg, writes TV 2.

The party leader’s low confidence figures are bad news for the Labor party, the struggle for government power against the Conservatives and incumbent Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

A year ago, the Conservatives were in government crisis, over the Progress Party leaving government in January. But with this pandemic, confidence in Erna Solberg and his party has grown more and more.

In the discussion about a possible coalition government between the Center Party and the Labor Party, the focus has shifted more from Jonas Gahr Store and towards Trigev Slacksfold Vidum as the prime minister candidate in such a red and green government. However, the center leader himself has so far refrained from commenting on the issue.

SP wants a government based on SP and AP. But he said now that I get questions about government positions all the time, it’s an issue that I turn down, among other things. To VG this fall.

Increase the center party In the polls, at the expense of the Labor Party only. However, the situation is not just attributed to the leaders of the two parties. The Center Party’s focus on sparsely populated Norway is seen as one of the party’s most important issues.

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– I felt I was closer to the Center Party on the issues they were focusing on, Heidi Breakfasmo said NRK I’m november.

She left the Labor Party in 2018 and is now the leader of the center-right group in the town hall in Trondelag. Centralization in big cities is the issue that highlights it as the most important.

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