The Swedish Public Health Agency underestimated the prevalence of autumn infection – DN.SE

ICOT He looked at Public Health Authority statistics on the spread of infection after the summer decline, and compared the numbers with the agency’s descriptions of the situation at press conferences.

The review shows that The authority worked to accelerate the spread of infection in the early fall.

On September 24, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said the prevalence was at a “fairly stable level” with “a cautious slight increase,” the radio wrote.

Meanwhile, cases in Sweden increased by 35 percent in one week.

At the time, the board also believed that the spread of infection would decrease because Swedes were still good at following the recommendations. Thus, the dangerous situation that occurred last spring can be avoided.

Expectation turned out to be wrong. Conversely, numerous surveys from the MSB showed that, among other things, Swedes followed the recommendations worse and worse, Ekot writes.

Anders Tegnell is holding on The Public Health Agency had the right to describe the increase in the fall as very weak, but admits that there has been change. At the same time, it is about the signals that are sent out to the population, so as not to be intimidated but nonetheless to show that the actions being taken have an effect, he tells Ekot:

– If you then send a signal that it’s totally meaningless, and it’s here that it’s crashing anyway, despite the fact that we’re working and toiling, that will have an effect as well. I just want to try to make it clear that this is a complicated matter, and I cannot say what is right or wrong. After that, it is always possible to say that if we had cried as a wolf it might have made a difference, but we just don’t know.

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