The story behind the Netflix introduction. How did Ta Doom originate?

Most of us have probably heard of Netflix by now a classic intro, or audio tagline, both once and twice, and now the podcast “Twenty Thousand Hertz” has examined how this was created.

Netflix’s introduction “Take-stupid” has been around since 2015 and was originally produced on the initiative of Netflix’s product manager, Todd Yellen. Above all, Netflix has been looking for a short intro that doesn’t take as long to play as some of the other introductions do.

The actual sound in ta-dum is a mixture of a ring that knocks into a cabinet, an anvil, and a short guitar loop played backwards. Musicradar writes about the “stupid” voice:

The main part of the song “ta-dum” consists of recording Lon Bender knocking his wedding ring on the cupboard, with a slow anvil and some silent songs underneath. However, it was decided that a musical component was needed in addition to providing a “tonal amplification” at the end. , Where sound designer Charlie Campana enters the story. In the 1990s, he created a 30-second piece of music using his electric guitar connected to a Digitech GSP2101 effects processor and Lexicon JamMan delay / looper. These distinct parts of the inverted guitar, one of which was eventually isolated and used without any Another sound design in the final Netflix logo. It’s the sound you hear right at the end, and it has been described as the “flower.”

If you want to hear the full story on how to create a Netflix audio logo go ahead and hear it on “Twenty Thousand Hertz” at the link below.

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