The SSC Tuatara will now be the fastest production car in the world. But they missed the 300 mph limit

The stew around SSC North America’s Tuatara supercar started in October last year when it was claimed to have crossed the 532.9 km / hr with the vehicle and thus set a new record for produced cars. The whole thing turned out to be a mess and the company promised to return with a proper record as there is nothing wrong with it. It is now said to have broken the record for the fastest production car in the world with an average of 455.2 km / h (282.9 mph) while driving at the Kennedy Space Center. The target was of course 300 mph (482.8 km / h) but that was not enough for the 3.7 km straight. The previous record is by Koenigsegg, who in 2017 received the Agera RS at 447.2 km / h.

Founder Jeroud Shalaby says the following:

“We had Racelogic there with their VBOX gear, and we had Life Racing, and we had Garmin, and we had IMRA, which is the International Mile Racing Association. We used equipment from all four groups and we had employees there from three of those groups. But when it comes down to it. So, it seemed like everyone in the automotive community viewed Racelogic and VBOX as a well-respected measuring tool, so they had many extra systems in the car, and they had a gentleman named Jim Law, their American representative, attending all the tests. ”

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