The revival of “Lizzie McGuire” is not moving forward with Disney Plus

The scheme “Lizzie McGuire“The revival is officially dead in Disney Plus.

The star of the series Hilary Duff Announced on Instagram On Wednesday, saying “I was so honored to have the Lizzie character in my life.”

And she continued, saying, “I know that efforts and talks were everywhere strenuous to conduct the restart process, but unfortunately and despite everyone’s efforts, this will not happen.” “I want any Lizzie reboot to be honest and original with who Lizzie is today. That’s what the character deserves.”

Her full statement can be read below.

A Disney spokesperson said in a statement: “Lizzie McGuire fans have high expectations for any new stories.” “Unless we are confident in our ability to meet these expectations, we have decided to postpone and today, we have informed staff representatives that we are not moving forward with the planned series.”

A revival of the popular Disney Channel show has been in the works for Disney Plus since 2019, but production was halted at the start of the year when the show’s creator, “Lizzie McGuire”, was removed and Terry Minsky opposed the show from the role on the show.

Production began on the show in November but was discontinued in early January as Duff was on her honeymoon in Mozambique. Two days before her return, variety Breaking the news that Minsky will be fired. According to multiple sources, Minsky, the writing staff, the production team, and Dave knew that Minsky was removed from the show director position only after variety The story has been posted, though variety After reaching out to Disney for comment hours before publication.

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variety Also mentioned exclusively Regarding the behind-the-scenes issues that led to Minsky’s unofficial exit. In short, Duff and Minsky wanted to make an adult version of Lizzie for the revival, while Disney wanted a show that would appeal to children and families, and something closer to the original series. Sources say Disney was initially with Minsky and Duff, but that the company decided to move in a different direction with the series after completing the first two episodes.

Duff remained mostly quiet about the show’s problems, until she posted a screenshot of her story on Instagram for a news headline about her planned Disney Plus series “Love, Simon.” Now titled “Love, Victor,” the show has moved to Hulu after it was deemed “not family friendly” enough for its Disney-branded show. In her letter, Duff circled the phrase “family friendly” in the title and wrote “Sounds Familiar” above it.

Then publicly She asked Disney to take the series to Hulu In addition to allowing a more adult-friendly version of the series, although that clearly didn’t happen.

In addition to Duff, the stars of the original series, Jake Thomas, Haley Todd, and Robert Carradine have all been appointed to star in the series. Adam Lamberg, who played Lizzie’s boyfriend Gordo, was also slated to appear.

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