The return of Madeleine Januji • Sweden’s national team against America and Poland

After the “soft matches” against Austria (6-1 against Sweden) and Malta (3-0), there will be a completely different match on April 10th. Then you will face Sweden in Friends Square in Solna, world champion USA.

This is as preparation for the biggest moment of the year – the Olympic Games this summer in Tokyo. Three days after the match against the United States, Poland waits away.

On Tuesday, Gerhardson introduced the team for the two games.

The players were the waiters except for Madeleine Jannuji, Hammarby, who are now back with personal problems and injuries.

– She came back very fun. Peter Gerhardson says “Madde” has made progress and it’s just welcoming her back into the gang.

She possesses traits such as the ability to defeat her opponent. She has an interesting role in Hammarby. The environment there is good.

At Hammarby’s website Ganuji comments on returning to the national team:

– Incredible fun to be back. It is always an honor to represent Sweden and I am so famous.

Several goalscorers this weekend

Gerhardson can be pleased that things are going well for his European players. Among others, Lena Hurtig and Linda Cimbrandt scored the goals for Juventus.

Amanda Ellstedt in Bayern Munich and Rebecca Blomkvist in Wolfsburg also became scorers at the end of last week.

Additionally, Chelsea’s Zecira Mosovic kept a clean sheet at Chelsea.

The national team meets on the second day of Easter.

A total of 25 players have been selected. Three missing from the team, but who may be suitable for the Olympics are Ellen Robinson, Natalie Bjorn, and Anna Anfegaard.

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This is the third time Sweden has met the United States during Gerhardson’s tenure as captain of the national team. There was a loss in the previous two rounds – 2-0 (World Cup), 3-2.

Gerhardson says it would be a big boost if we defeat the United States now and do a lot for our self-confidence.

All Sweden team

Goalkeepers: Jennifer Falk, Hacken, Hedwig Lindal, Atletico Madrid, Zecira Mosovic, Chelsea.

Cannons: Linda Cimbrandt, Juventus, Magdalena Erickson, Chelsea, Amanda Ellstedt, Bayern Munich, Nella Fischer, Linköping, Emma Kohlberg, Hacken, Josephine Reprenk, Kristianstad, Jonah Anderson, Chelsea, Hannah Glass, Bayern Munich, Geyserdika Wieck, Rosengard.

Midfielder and striker: Caroline Seger, Rosengard, Philippa Cormmark, PK Hacken, Kosovari Aslani, Real Madrid, Sophia Jacobson, Real Madrid, Lena Hurtig, Juventus, Olivia Shaw, Rosengard, Rebecca Blomkvist, Wolfsburg, Stina Blackstenios, Hacken, Fredolfo, Rosengårdn, and Filippa Angeldahl, Häcken, Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, Häcken, Madelen Janogy and Hammarby.

Here is Gerhardson’s national team – Ganoji is back
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