The Republican leader turns his back on Trump

Mitch McConnell was interviewed on Fox News about how he saw the situation inside Republicans ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

“A lot will happen between today and 2024,” McConnell says. “I know at least four who I think will run, and it looks like it will be a wide open story.”

McConnell was then asked if he would give Donald Trump his support if the former president won the Republican primary.

– If he is nominated by the party? McConnell definitely replied.

“What happened in the past is irrelevant now, we move on.”

These are tones very different from when McConnell attacked Trump after the Senate Supreme Court indictment.

Mitch McConnell said, “There is no doubt, no one, that President Trump is liable in practice and morally for inciting events.”

This prompted Trump to urge the party to get rid of McConnell.

“Mitch is a boring, angry person, and a politician. If the Republican Senators stick to him, they won’t win again. Trump wrote in a statement.

Many Republicans fear that the conflict between the two men will haunt the party for years to come, he said Washington Post.

“I would be very surprised if he said Donald Trump’s words again,” Josh Holmes, a consultant to Mitch McConnell, told the newspaper.

But it now appears McConnell has changed his mind after receiving domestic criticism for his harsh words about Trump.

McConnell told Fox News: “What happened in the past is not relevant now, we are moving forward.”

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