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Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to her husband Prince Philip being admitted to the hospital came as a surprise to some.

Prince Philip is a true veteran of the royal world. He turns 100 in June – and naturally Brits are nervous every time they see the slightest sign of deteriorating health from Queen Elizabeth’s beloved husband.

So it was not an enjoyable read provided yesterday, when the court suddenly sent out a press release:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has been transferred to King Edward VII Hospital in London on Tuesday afternoon.

The Duke’s enrollment is considered a precaution, on the advice of His Royal Highness the Doctor, after he was not completely well.

The duke is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and rest. “

Prince Philip was hospitalized – so Queen Elizabeth answered

For Elizabeth, this is of course a very difficult message. She and Philip have been married for 73 years – they married in November 1947.

But Elizabeth is also a very conscientious woman, as we all know. She doesn’t let personal anxiety get in the way of her work as the lead actress for the British Crown.

After Philip was hospitalized, I continued to work. This is how the Royal Central website writes.

On Wednesday, the Queen held a meeting with Marine Lord Admiral Tony Radakin about the Royal Navy’s activities and how to tackle the epidemic both in the country and abroad. As Head of State, the Queen is the commander of the military forces in both the Royal books, Britain and the Rest of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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That’s why the Queen does this

Elizabeth’s decision to continue working while the love of her life struggles in the hospital sparked a response. But most of them admire her conscience. “The show must continue,” the Twitter user wisely wrote.

Queen Elizabeth has suffered a lot of grief in her long life. We can never forget that it all began with a tragedy for her.

When her father, King George, died of lung cancer at the age of only 56, Elizabeth was allowed to ascend the throne.

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