The President and the Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discussed the US elections, crisis management, and the Defense Report.

The President of the Republic and the Foreign and Security Policy Committee of the Council of Ministers, in their meeting on Friday, November 13, discussed the preparation of the defense statement.

The President and the Committee of Ministers also addressed issues related to international crisis management. Finland is currently participating in ten military crisis management operations with a total of 400 soldiers within the framework of the United Nations, the European Union and NATO, as well as the international coalition against ISIS. At the meeting, it was decided that Finland would continue its participation in the crisis management process (Operation Inherent Resolve) in Iraq with approximately 80 soldiers until the end of 2021. This includes participation in training and advisory tasks with associated personnel, management and support tasks. A report on this is submitted to the Swedish Parliament in accordance with the Military Crisis Management Act.

The President and the Government’s Foreign and Security Policy Committee also discussed the presidential elections in the United States. The United States is an important partner for Finland. Finland considers it important that relations with the United States be comprehensive, long-term and sustainable.

more information: Mikko Keinonen, Head of Department, Tel: 0295351820, Beretta Asunma, Head of Department (US), Telephone 0295350353, Department of State, and Issa Polkinen, Director-General, Telephone 0295140300, Department of Defense

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