The penultimate competition of the season will be exceptional – Niki Lauda: “Messy but Amusing” | Sports

Lap times of 1 minute await as Formula 1 drivers drive the penultimate race of the season in Bahrain. The Sakhir Outer Path, which is only 3.5 kilometers long, has now been used.

A few days ago, the last four races of the Formula 1 season were introduced, with two races to be held in Bahrain.

The first competition will be held on the traditional track while the second competition will be unique. Formula 1 decided to use an external web profile.

This means a track that is only 3.5 kilometers long and has eleven curves. In the race it will take 87 laps.

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Lap time in qualifying is expected to be approximately 55 seconds, and approximately one minute in competition. Thus, Niki Lauda’s record for the fastest lap was shattered. In 1974, Lauda scored 58.79 points in the qualifiers at the Dijon Brinois stadium in France.

– It will be a little messy but entertaining. We’ll see how possible it is to drive again in the competition when everyone is close to each other and how often the top drivers spin the rest, Says Alpha Tauri stable manager Franz Tost on the F1 website.

Fred Vasire, manager of the stable Alfa Romeo team, is expecting a tough qualification.

Traffic will be a mess and the Q1 will be a nightmare. But he says it’s exciting to have a different course layout and it makes sense to try something different.

The track is as close to an oval as it is during this year’s season, and Christian Horner, manager of the Red Bull stable, hopes it will get a small advantage thanks to a Honda engine supplier.

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Honda has extensive oval track experience and they won the Indy 500 last weekend. So we will try to build on their experience and knowledge, says Horner.

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