The parachute he used had a subtle message. Dare Mighty Things

It’s not uncommon for NASA to send slightly different messages with the spacecraft sent into space, and now it has been discovered that one of these was in the parachute used when Perseverance landed on Mars last week.

The irregular color pattern on the umbrella has led many to suspect that there is a hidden message in it. It didn’t take long before users on Reddit cracked the code. The Guardian writes about how to interpret the pattern on the parachute:

“Each of the concentric rings in the umbrella pattern represents one of the words. The zeros and the ones should be divided into 10-letter parts, and from that, the addition of 64 computer ASCII code that represents a letter. For example, seven white lines, a red bar and then two white lines Others represent 0000000100, binary of four. Adding 64 to this gives 68, the ASCII code for the letter D. “

Once the whole thing was clearly explained, the outer ring of the parachute seemed to indicate the coordinates of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) here on Earth (“34 ° 11’58” N 118 ° 10’31 “W”). The three inner rings formed the phrase “Dare Mighty Things,” the JPL logo and something printed on the walls of the JPL control center and elsewhere in its facility.

In addition to the message hidden in the parachute, perseverance also has little symbols representing perseverance, the associated helicopter intelligence and the former NASA Mars rover imprinted on its hull. You can check it in the image below.

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Also below is an illustration that shows what the hidden message in the umbrella of perseverance looks like.

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