The northeast has just been hit by a historic snowstorm. Could it be the next white Christmas?

Historic Norister, one of the record books, has just buried parts of the Northeast and New England under record amounts of snow.

The highest snow total was the tie between two cities, Newark Valley, New York, and Croydon, New Hampshire, both of which recorded 44 inches of snow.

Thanks to snowfall rates that were sometimes as severe as 5 to 7 inches per hour, more than 160 reporting sites picked up more than 30 inches of snow, while parts of 6 states experienced at least a foot of snow or more.

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The snow was so intense in the spots that perhaps two new state records were set for most snow in a 24-hour period.

Binghamton, New York, ended with snowfall of 40 inches, taking the days of December 16-17 in the lead for the largest snowstorm on record.

Albany’s storm of 22.7 inches was the eighth largest snowstorm on record, and Boston’s 13.1 inches was the fourth-largest snowstorm in that city.

New York City captured 10.5 inches of snow, creating dazzling and magical scenes around the city.

In fact, with that total, the Big Apple has now seen more snow so far this season than cities that are famous for snow like Buffalo, Chicago, Green Bay, and Wisconsin.

The weekend storm system will move from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast from Friday through Sunday, but this storm will not be as strong as other recent storms.

On Friday, the storm system will produce 6 to 12 inches of snow over parts of the Rocky Mountains. On Saturday, the Great Lakes will experience some snow as torrential rains and storms hit the south. On Sunday, there may be some scattered light rain in the northeast and storms in Florida before the storm is out off the Atlantic coast.

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The amounts of rain and snow are expected to have less and less impact.

After this weekend’s storm, forecast patterns indicate another possible storm affecting the Midwest and Northeast next Thursday and Friday (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). This storm is way too far in time to confidently say who might be raining or snowing, but meteorologists, as well as people who want some holiday snow, will keep an eye on this storm system to see if it’s wetter or white.

Even if next week’s storm doesn’t bear fruit or produce snow, millions can still expect a white Christmas.

With 10 to 40 inches of snow on the ground after strong weather and cold temperatures expected to keep the snow in, there will likely be enough snow on the ground throughout the Northeast and New England to enjoy a white Christmas. End of 2020.

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