The new Nintendo Twitter account will share corporate and financial announcements

Today, Nintendo Inc. unveiled a brand new Twitter account that will update fans with the company’s business and financial news.

You can find the account and follow it at Embed a Tweet If you are interested; It appears to be primarily set up for a Japanese audience, although a welcome tweet has been translated into English:

“We have opened this Twitter account to provide investor and corporate relations news for Nintendo Co., Ltd. .. Financial announcements and other company-focused information will be shared on this account. Please note that we will not respond to messages or inquiries.”

The release of Nintendo’s next major financial earnings is set to be with us at the beginning of February. At that time each year, the company shares its nine-month earnings and provides updates on its business strategy and results for the period covered. This information isn’t usually shared with any form of social media, but maybe Nintendo plans to change this in the future?

Either way, we’ll continue to share any relevant news focused on the company with you here on Nintendo Life as well, including the upcoming earnings release. Be sure to keep an eye out to see if Animal Crossing: New Horizons can take the title of the Switch’s best-selling game.

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