The New Fish – Now it has to be stopped and used

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Anders Lundin

This spade is found on the ground. Photographer Hakan Wallen wonders what kind.

Did you know about these crocodile-like species?

More and more exotic fish species are appearing in Sweden, whether they are wanted or not. One of those who sent a photo question was Håkan Wallin, who found this species submerged among the seaweed on the west coast.

Last Wednesday we talked about the exciting discovery of SLU in the North Sea, the short-nosed seahorse. One conclusion is that both he and other species are gravitating here in parallel with climate change.
No seahorse is the type pictured above, although there are some similarities.
Hakan Wallen describes his finding as being about 45 cm tall, and appears to have a distinctive appearance with a head resembling an alligator.

If you haven’t already come up with the answer yourself, here’s this: a bigger rim pin. This is according to Sportfiskarna experts Markus Lundgren and Hans Lindqwist.

In fact, this species is very prevalent on the west coast, but it does not belong to the daily catch of sport fishing. Fiskejournalen recently wrote about Större kantnål in connection with the Artjakten Youth Competition 2019, where winner Gustav Yxell picked up a sample of the genre.
The advice is to use very small hooks.

According to SLU’s Art Facts Likes to stay on rocks rich in vegetation or sandy bottoms, preferably with algae and seaweeds. It can also be found in brackish waters in estuaries. The food consists of fish fry and small invertebrates.

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