“The need for great places to think”

After the government’s announcement last week, several galleries are now preparing to reopen. One of them is the Accelerator at Stockholm University, which has been closed for large parts of the past year. On March 10, the art gallery will reopen with the new exhibition “Experimental Field”, where eight contemporary artists will experiment with issues related to today’s major challenges.

It is a dangerous and critical time we live in, when people have a great need to try to process the collective trauma we are experiencing. We want to provide a place for reflection where art and science can share knowledge and together look ahead, says Richard Gulin, Accelerator Art Director.

With the exhibition “Experimental Domain”, Accelerator takes its starting point in history to illuminate and create conversations based on experiences taking place in contemporary art and science today. The experimental field was an activity created in 1816 with the aim of developing Swedish agriculture, on the site where Accelerator and Stockholm University are today. In the exhibition of the same name, the visitor encounters, among other things, themes about domesticated animals, human interactions with the forest and cultural worms. A village team will also be formed within the art fair where people can come to ask for advice.

When parts of society close and people become more united, I think it is more important than ever that we reopen our doors. We can offer safe visits to those who may come to us. We’ve also developed suggestions for beautiful hiking trails from town to the art gallery, says Richard Gulin, Accelerator Art Director.

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Fältet experimental
Andrea Zittel, Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Signe Johannessen, Kultivator, O + The non-existing center, Uglycute
March 10 – September 19, 2021
Curators: Richard Gullen and Therese Kilner

About the metronome
Art Accelerator Art Gallery is a place where art, science, and social issues converge. The work is part of Stockholm University, with the mission of actively cooperating with the community. The driving force behind the Accelerator program is to contribute to an open and passionate community by allowing art to stimulate interdisciplinary conversation and dialogue.

The Accelerator Program is run by Stockholm University and supported by the Magasin III Museum of Contemporary Art and the Robert Weils Family Foundation.

For more information, please contact:
Tove Nelson, Director of Communications, +46 (0) 766 95 19 37
Email tove.nilson@su.se
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