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Magician Pontus Lindemann, Magic Predictor, now raises the bar one step further and is ready to present a new version of Harry Houdin’s trick from 1915; But even more dangerous! He was fastened in a restrained jacket, hanging upside down over a mine lake with five lit incendiary bombs pointed at him.
Will he do it? Join us on June 19 at the Adventure Mine in Tuna-Hästberg.
Pontus Lindman participates in business development operations at Dalarna Science Park.

Does the crisis generate creativity?

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, all possibilities for physical performances, stage performances, and live performances were closed. A challenge to the magician who lives on his vision with his magic tricks and transgressions. But Pontus did not calm down, the crisis spawned creativity. Instead of holding back, he wrote two new shows and created a digital magic school where you can learn magic and mind reading for six weeks. He has also developed many aspects of cooperation at the international level and now the most dangerous hoax in the world Part Two. And more is planned!

The time was well used, says Pontus Lindemann; I work hard and happily get along with others. The last thing we did was create tricks with world famous magicians that have never been seen before. We communicate via team meetings, experiment, develop, test, and “fail” but come up with new solutions. The cool thing is that different skills contribute to the solution and development of the trick into a completed prototype. Now we’re in the team and we’re going to train and show them live. Maybe it will be sold in the future.

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Soon it’s time for ‘world’s most dangerous separatist hoax’

Previously, Pontus Lindemann participated in “British Got Talent” with the explosion of a water tank (the most dangerous card stunt in the world). The scam is available on YouTube, among other places, where in total it has been viewed more than 600 million times and spread worldwide. This breakaway stunt is the next in the “Most Dangerous World” series and here it doesn’t save gunpowder, says Pontus.

– I planned to embark on an old classic trick first done by Harry Houdini in 1915. The trick now takes to the next level and it’s not enough to hang upside down in a tethered jacket, so I plan to hang high above the ice cold underground lake, below one of the Dalarna and Borlange mines The old one, with five lit incendiary bombs all pointed at me and I have about two minutes to clear before they explode
Will he do it?
Do you dare to see the world’s most dangerous hack of the shirt?

A trick of this caliber is not a one-man show but a lot of people are involved. Not just locally or nationally but even internationally.

The trick was developed using fireworks, stage technicians, filmmakers, rescue divers, and a company that specializes in stunts in Los Angeles, USA, says Pontus.

When the epidemic ends ينتهي

Two shows are ready to go with a focus on Swedish scenes as soon as the restrictions are released. So the UK is the focus. Pontus Lindemann has been here several times when he participated in British Got Talent and built his network. China is also interesting since a previous business trip when seven companies wanted to book Pontus offers. The American magic show “Penn & Teller Fool Us” is also at the top of Pontus’ wish list to participate in. Many plans for the future!

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Pontus Lindman is involved in business operations at Dalarna Science Park and is trained by, among others, Jörgen Bond;

Pontus is one of the most creative people I’ve met and has gotten even more creative during the pandemic. Jürgen Bond says it is really interesting to see his progress and that he is developing business both nationally and internationally.

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Press Conference

Ranked physically and digitally on 6/10/2021 at 13.00 down at Adventure Mine. registration in
The press conference was held at Regarding the physical press conference, we follow the current FHM

Broadcast live on 6/19 2021 at 19.30 at and from Äventyrsgruvan in TunaHästberg, Borlänge. Arranged by Pontus Lindemann and signed Magic AB in collaboration with
Avniersgrovan, Aaron Johlin, Niklas Lindgren and Axel Raiden.

Contact: Pontus Lindemann +4676221 32 57

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