The match about Gollum postponed until 2022 Movie Zain

We have to wait a little while before we play the dark creature Gollum from the movies “Sagan om Ringen”.

A game about the dark creature from JRR Tolkien’s fantasy books and “Lord of the Rings” movies, Lord of the Rings: GollumIt was planned to be launched sometime in 2021.

Now, instead, German developers Daedalic Entertainment announced that they are delaying the release of the game until 2022, after they “formed a brotherhood” with publishers Nacon.

Extended development time allows Daedalic Entertainment to “harness the power of the next generation of consoles”, as the game is on its way to Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game takes place before the movies and books, after the Hobbit Sméagol gets the magic ring and slowly turns into the dark creature Gollum. The game has nothing to do with the Peter Jackson movies, but it is a story in itself. In the game you have the opportunity to make choices, either Gollum or Sméagol. The developers themselves describe it as “a story-driven action adventure with a peek.”

Director Carsten Fichtelman said, “We try to tell stories that were not shown in the films. We tell a personal story we know, but not repeat what you already know.” PC Gamer said.

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Could a game that focused entirely on Gollum be any good? What is the best “Lord of the Rings” game?

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