The majority buy a vaccine outside the European Union

There is now a political majority in the Swedish parliament for Sweden to buy vaccines outside of European Union agreements, according to reports TV4.

Moderates party leader Ulf Christerson thinks it is time for Sweden to buy more vaccines outside the EU system. Photo gallery.picture: Anders Wicklund / Tt

We can’t wait and see anymore, but as in many other European countries it is very frustrating that it is going so slowly, says moderate leader Ulf Christerson to TT.

Sweden put all eggs in one basket. It’s fine for the European Union to help, but the vaccine has to come to Sweden as well.

On Wednesday, the Riksdag Social Affairs Committee awaits a committee initiative. There, M is counting on the support of the Christian Democrats, Liberals, the Swedish Democrats and the Left Party.

We now say from the Riksdag, if that happens, the government should do what it should have already done this spring, and look at more ways to get an approved vaccine, says Ulf Christerson.

European Commission orders were delayed due to delayed delivery and production problems. European Union countries such as Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia lost their patience and turned to China and Russia to purchase additional doses. Austria and Denmark want to work with Israel to secure more vaccines.

TT: Do you see any risk that purchasing vaccines outside the European Union could negatively affect purchasing channels in poor developing countries?

– No, I’m not, answers Olf Christerson. We must now make sure that if developed countries like Sweden are able to help open up the world again, it must depend on getting us vaccines.

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Trinidad and Tobago: If that doesn’t work, do you see any risk that Sweden will not achieve its mid-year goal?

With each passing day, this risk increases. So far, all regions prefer more and more compressed programs, even if they can still do so. But it eventually reaches a point where it is no longer possible.

Ulf Kristersson doesn’t think it will be easy to get vaccines outside of the European Union system:

But we must do more than sit back and hope that the European Union will solve it.

Other countries have done much better. I think Great Britain, which has been as severely affected by the Coronavirus as Sweden, has come an incredibly long way, and Israel is the same.

Swedish Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom comments on the proposal for vaccine purchase outside the European Union on TV4’s After five :

I already have a government mandate to talk to others. I met the Russian manufacturer last week and had a meeting again tomorrow.

The European Commission has signed agreements for about three billion doses for about 450 million people, he notes:

Both Sweden and the European Union Commission have an open mind to talk to everyone who has something to offer. But the main course is to do so through the European Union.

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