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This week, a team went to Åre and Järpen and did a photo shoot, he says Ostershonds-Boston.

Brothers Henrik and Joel Lundqvist grew up as children in these two Jumtland towns.

ESPN is now producing a documentary showing what the huge NHL “Henke” Lundqvist profile became during his years at the New York Rangers.

The series revolves around a series on the sports channel called “Bidayat” where Lundqvist will air its own episode.

As the name suggests (“The Beginning”), the films will be about the roots of the various sports stars and their dizzying first steps towards stardom.

“Some Yankees have heard of me”

The scenes were filmed in Jämtland by Östersund-based company Manic Motion.

– We already got some assignments from companies abroad and did a lot for German and American TV since then, photographer Joachim Wassberg told OP

Martin Machneau is the producer of the feature and told that he didn’t realize the scale of the project at first.

– At first I only heard that there were some Yankees who heard from me and wanted to be interviewed. But then it dawned on us that it was just too big, he says.

You can see that the products are very expensive. It was filmed a lot. In the United States, they have completely different resources.

Machnow received very clear instructions from the American production company about what to be shot in the movie.

– We traveled all over Åre and had interviews in English.
Is there anything new about Henke that the public had never known about?

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– For Americans, it might be brand new. Growing up in Åre, how it started, how they started playing hockey in sandbox children in kindergarten. I don’t think this is known to the American public.

‘Incredibly popular’

The reputation of “Beginning” is so entrenched in the US that the series garnered a nomination for the prestigious Emmys TV Award in the Sports category.

– These stars have been followed up all the time. They don’t have much privacy. But nobody actually told this story that appears in the series: How did it all start? It is a new story. They’ve become incredibly famous, says Machnow.

Henke Lundqvist was nicknamed “The King” of New York. It’s so big in there that it’s just ridiculous. Thus his “hometown”, re was introduced.

“Very nice guys”

Some of the places the team visited are Totten’s nursery and Åre school where Henrik and his twin brother Joel went in their early years.

Bjorn Birgitoft, who was also their first hockey coach, is a teacher at the school and will be participating in the film:

– I was a hockey coach at Järpens IF. The brothers were very good men, and had a strong focus on ice hockey from the start. I would never have been able to say they’d succeed like this, but it was fun to deal with, says Björn to ÖP.

In Yarben, the team went to Rogsmohalen where the Lundkvist brothers conducted their first hockey training sessions.

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