The infection control doctor believes there is a fourth wave after the new Delta cases in Norrbotten

Now, therefore, four people in Norrbotten were found to have been affected by the delta variant, but the three new cases are thought to have likely increased the spread of the infection even more.

The fourth wave this fall

We won’t avoid Norrbotten, but if we are careful and follow our basic recommendations, we can potentially slow the spread of the disease significantly, says infection control doctor Anders Nystedt.

He thinks the delta variant will take over the spread of infection completely, also in Norrbotten.

– I believe in a fourth wave that will not be as big as the other wave. I hope this won’t come until the fall when many have received their dose of the vaccine. Anders Nestedt says it probably won’t have serious consequences in healthcare with deaths and other things.

“Naturally fortified”

He also thinks that a third dose of the vaccine may be needed due to the delta mutation, but he’s not sure about that anymore.

– It may be so, but it could also be that this mutation will jump among us who have been vaccinated twice, and then we will be naturally immune a little bit even from true infection. We don’t get very sick, says Anders Nystedt, but our immune system gets an extra boost from it.

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