The Indian cow had 71 kilograms of garbage in its stomach

71 kg. A large surface area, nails and waste was found by Indian veterinarians in the stomach of an infected cow.

Millions of cows roam the streets of India freely and eat whatever they come across. Photo gallery.picture: Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP / TT

The cow in India’s Faridabad, a few miles outside the capital, Delhi, was pregnant when she was injured. She was cared for by a local animal welfare organization, but despite the four-hour operation, the calf’s life was not saved.

A traffic accident was not the only explanation. Instead, the main problem was the drunk mother’s diet. In total, veterinarians removed 71 kilograms of plastic, nails and other debris from the cow’s stomach.

The calf didn’t have enough room to grow inside the mother’s womb, so it died, says animal welfare chief Ravi Dubaj.

– In the 13 years I’ve worked with this one, we’ve never really pulled so much trash out of a cow. We had to grasp properly to get everything out.

An estimated five million marine cows roam Indian cities, and many of them are eaten directly from landfills on street corners.

The number has increased in recent years. Hindus consider cow to be sacred and across the country, the ruling Hindu nationalist party, BJP, has enacted laws prohibiting or impeding slaughter. The result was that aged dairy cows are released entirely by farmers who either do not want or are unable to feed them.

A cow is very sacred to us, but no one cares about it. Ravi Dubaj says they stand in every corner of every city and eat trash.

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Three days after the operation, the cow also died.

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