The Full List – Here are Artists Without Borders: Artscape Edition 2020

When “Without Borders: Artscape Edition” takes place from 17 to 20 September, for the first time the festival will focus entirely on the Swedish street art scene. It is now clear which 12 artists are participating.

The street art scene in Sweden has evolved a lot in recent years, and there are a large number of artists who have proven themselves at the highest level. The twelve artists participating in Borderless: Artscape Edition represent many different styles and expressions and create interesting mixes.

Artscape always tries to show an exciting breadth of artistic expression in our projects. At the same time, it is important that everything works as a whole. This year, No Limit will be entirely in a region with only Swedish artists – but the variation within the group is enormous. Completely different technologies, color options, and references. Everything from photorealistic photography and calligraphy to magical fairytale worlds and more graffiti-inspired works. Sculptures and weaving art will also be included in this year’s project, says Daniel Wickham, Art Scape.

When selecting artists, it is important that they maintain a certain artistic standard. Additionally, we are interested in mixing routine with new talent – showing those who are at the height of their careers while giving opportunity to the stars of tomorrow. We’re very happy with the balance on this year’s project and it’s a very colorful collection that will repaint Nurbey next month, says Tor Hedendahl, Artscape.

These are the artists participating in Without Borders: Artscape Edition:

Leaked out

Huge has been painting graffiti since the 1980s and has managed to create public art all over the world, from Stockholm and Paris to Los Angeles and Shenzhen. Above all, he is known for his unique style called “Helium Graffiti” – ultra-realistic Balloon characters.

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Love of God

Amara Burr Deus grew up in Stockholm and has lived and worked in London for several years. Her style can be recognized through her vibrant colors, organic shapes, patterns and faces. As early as 2014, the Guardian ranked her as one of the UK’s leading street performers.


Q is an artist from Lindesberg. Their distinct characters often have characteristics similar to those you see in comic books and animated films – colorful and expressive. In addition to mural painting, Q works with many different media, such as photography, film, and sculpture.

Delicious minds

Delicious Brains, or Kim Demåne, is a multifaceted artist who creates his exhibitions, murals, magazine covers, album covers, and music videos. He has a fun and colorful style with lots of detail and has already done artwork for example. TEDGlobal World Congress and musician Frigg Larson.


Vikan is a tattoo artist who one day decided to try the art of spraying. With her iconic and imaginative style, she quickly established herself as a name in the Swedish street art scene. Vikan is from Boden and is now based in Stockholm.

Shows 37

Adam Algutson, or Uber 37, is a street art artist from Boras who can now paint extensively at home. Adam became addicted to graffiti as a teenager and got one of his first assigned jobs from the same police officer who had previously arrested him for drawing illegally. He has since performed more than 100 commissioned jobs for companies and individuals.

Elena Mitsu

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Elina Metso has a background in game development and illustration, and has expertise in many different materials and styles, which is reflected in her artwork. She prefers to paint portraits, often of feminine or bisexual characters, preferably with lots of color.


Etile’s style is called Calligraffiti, a mixture of calligraphy and graffiti. Etel comes from Karlstad and today works as a tattoo artist in Gothenburg, the city in which he also created many of his street art.

Malin Bubik Tada

Malin Bobeck Tadaa is a textile artist and designer who combines traditional textile materials, optical fibers, LED lights and new technology. Through her revolutionary textiles, she creates spatial compositions that invite interaction. She is fascinated by the worlds hidden from us – the worlds of the deep sea, outer space, or within our imaginations – interspersed with her artwork.

Timmey Team

Tim Timmey is a multi-self-made artist who creates everything from massive wood fixtures to murals and sculptures. His work often depicts colorful animal motifs, 3D patterns, and crazy creatures with a good dose of humor.

Coral Peony and Ricman

During a Time Limitless: Artscape Edition, artists will paint Coral Peione and Ricman together. In a joint artwork, they combine Rickman’s raw and realistic-colored style with the colorful flowers, plants and animals of Coral Peony.

No Limits: The Artscape Edition takes place from 17-20 September 2020. This year, for the first time, No Limit will occupy an entire district in Borås, with central Norrby as this year’s board festival. Tickets for a guided tour are now available for purchase.


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