The fourth Minister of Health in Brazil since the outbreak of the epidemic

Why Bolsonaro change Minister of Health again?

For the past nine months, General Eduardo Pazuelo has held the position of Acting Minister of Health. He received a lot of criticism for neglecting the lack of oxygen in Manaus which resulted in hundreds of people dying unnecessarily. Pazuello had no experience in health affairs but is considered to have held the position because he is a military man. The reason he is now allowed to resign is because Bolsonaro’s numbers have fallen in opinion. And his allies fear ex-president Lula da Silva will win the presidential election next year, indicating that Bolsonaro is not taking the pandemic seriously.

Who is the new Minister of Health?

Initially it was thought that Bolsonaro would appoint cardiologist Lyudmila Hajjar from Sao Paulo. But when Bolsonaro’s most extreme supporters discovered that she had spoken well of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and allegedly had left-wing views, she was threatened. When she slept in the capital, Brasilia, after negotiations with Bolsonaro, she made three attempts to enter her hotel. Instead, Bolsonaro chose cardiologist Marcelo Quiroga on the advice of his older son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro. Cardiologist Quiroga is said to be a friend of Flavio Bolsonaro’s wife’s family.

Will the new health minister be able to help the Brazilian people?

It is very unlikely that the new health minister will have room to decide on something that has not been clarified first with President Bolsonaro. The first two health ministers in the pandemic were sacked when they opposed Bolsonaro and proposed restrictions to prevent the spread of infection. In his first interview as Minister of Health, Quiroga admitted that,Bolsonaro runs the policy and the Health Ministry that implements it“.

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