The first flight on Mars has been postponed until Wednesday

The Dexterity has landed on Mars in the Perseverance Rover mounted on the side of the rover February 18. Since then, the spacecraft began to travel shorter distances over the surface of the Red Planet, sending crisp color images back to Earth.

But what everyone is waiting for is The small 1.8-kilogram helicopter-like plane will make its maiden flight. No human spacecraft has ever flown to Mars before.

But now the first flight will have to wait a few more days. The flight that was scheduled to take place early Monday morning Swedish time will not be completed until Wednesday at the earliest, NASA writes in its letter. website. This, then, is a tool that detects that everything is working as it should, by itself, it is not working as intended.

Other than that, however, the helicopter will succeed.

This is Wednesday, April 7th Ingenuity’s rotor blades have been tested, which were allowed to spin for a period of time without allowing the vehicle to take off.

The ingenuity will fly three meters above the surface of the Earth, but because the Martian atmosphere is only one percent thick as Earth’s, the flight altitude is comparable to a small helicopter that would have been flying 30,000 meters on the ground.

In any case, there will be no flights. The design allows for only a 90-second flight and the drone is only 31 days old.

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