The first doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be given on Tuesday

Already on Tuesday, the first doses of the vaccine and the first of its kind can be given to people over the age of 80, health care workers and residents as well as employees in nursing homes.

Initially, the injections could be taken at 50 different hospitals across the country, but the British healthcare system, the NHS, has urged doctors to prepare to start vaccinations in health centers on December 14.

The United Kingdom ordered 40 million doses from Belgium, which is enough for 20 million of the country’s population of 67 million. About 800,000 doses will be available next week.

“we are ready”

The start of vaccination coincides with a crucial moment in negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union on a post-Brexit trade agreement. Failure to conclude an agreement could lead to major disruptions in the movement of goods between the UK and EU countries such as Belgium.

But government spokesman John Ryan said they were not concerned.

We trained, prepared, and fully prepared for all possible outcomes, says Raine in an interview with the BBC.

The Queen promises to tell

In light of British public health experts’ concerns about high levels of vaccination suspicion, local media reported that Queen Elizabeth, 94, and her husband, Prince Philip, 99, will be told when they will receive the vaccine.

The Queen is highly admired in British society, and her public support for the vaccine will be a powerful anti-misinformation message against vaccinations circulating online.

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