The Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis mobile game will cover Advent Children, Before the Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus (Wow!)

A Battle Royale-Final Fantasy VII battle royale was also revealed.

Yesterday’s tongue Final Fantasy VII remake-The new PS5 release was evidently released this summer with Yuffie items. Around the same time, Square Enix unveiled the mobile game Ever crisis With huge ambitions.

The name appeared a while ago when it was trademarked, but now we know exactly what Final Fantasy VII is a crisis ever is being. A mobile game that will be released chapter by chapter and at the end will tell you everything Final Fantasy VII-Date. Cricky. The first chapter released this year will be a portable version of the remake seven, which on several levels does not differ at all from the original seven of 1997. You can see the trailer above.

Square Enix did something similar Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. A mobile version of the fifteenth part, released in time for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Favorite and replay?

Tetsuya Nomura previously said that he would like to give to others Final Fantasy VIIA new treat for stories, Ever Crisis will finally come to Advent Children, the Japan-exclusive mobile game Before the crisis, Spelet-spelet The essence of the crisis The PS2 pop-up National anthem of Cerberus. Except for seven of course. If you braid this at the harbor, it could be a delicious nostalgic party.

Square Enix also unveiled the mobile phone Final Fantasy VII 1st SoldierBattle royale takes place 30 years before the events of the seventh. This track hasn’t received quite the same love on Youtube, but it could possibly be serious PUBG: New CountryChallenger? This is how it looks.

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